Ready For a New Solid Internet? Tim Berners-Lee Thinks So …

time berners-lee imageTim Berners-Lee, the Internet’s founding father, always envisioned the web to be for everyone and has tirelessly fought to protect the original principles and concepts of how he thought the web should be.

“For all the good we’ve achieved, the web has evolved into an engine of inequity and division”, he states in a new article he’s published on Medium. He says the internet is now overly influenced by powerful global forces pushing their own agendas.

This has resulted in political campaigns being warped by the proliferation of inaccurate and false information; third parties mass harvesting individual’s private information handed over to internet giants like Google and Facebook on the understanding their data was held securely, and a whole myriad of other security concerns.

Over the last few years Tim Berners-Lee has been working with other talented minds on what he hopes will be a solution to the current Internet quagmire we find ourselves wading through. People have had enough of seeing their private information utterly disrespected and abused and SOLID, Tim hopes, will be how the people take back the internet from the money-grabbing, parasitic organisations who only see the dollar value in you.

Here at EWD Hosting, we’ve always had a similar outlook to Tim Berners-Lee in this regard. Always standing up for the smaller people, turned off by the bloated Internet behemoths who hooked us all in with slogans like “don’t be evil” … yeah right.

If you’re interested in building a new Internet for the people, not the profiteers, then have a good look at SOLID, it’s very interesting. Huge opportunities await for developers in this space.

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