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Simple Starter Hosting Plans with Room to Grow


We're aware of the need to avoid "techno babble". You just want a host you can trust to get you online easily allowing you to focus on setting up, running and growing your new business. Welcome aboard!


Use our ultra reliable servers and you'll rarely need to contact us for support. Backup your website easily and enjoy fast load times which is essential in today's mobile world and beneficial for search engine optimisation.


You'll have plenty of room to get started with your new website. When your business begins to grow it's easy to increase your resources. Just drop us an email. We have simple unit pricing keeping your costs down.

 Friendly Support

Friendly Support

You'll rarely have an issue with our web hosting but the internet is an unpredictable beast. If you have an issue we're an email away. Having been in the business for over 10 years we've amassed a wealth of knowledge and will identify problems quickly, keeping you updated all the time. We're a small family business and pride ourselves on our friendly customer support.

We'll Have You Online in a Jiffy!